just do it, anyway


For “just do it, anyway” , I designed a set of aluminium letters and moulds, which made it possible to temporarily heat-emboss words that are censored by NIKEid into Nike tshirts.

Upon wearing, the words will slowly fade, due to the wearers body heat. Until the tshirt retains its originial, unadorned state.



Clothing and the portrayal of identity are intrinsically linked. Companies recognized the importance and power of the word “identity” as a selling point and offer consumers to co-create a product that is seemingly more reflective in terms of personal taste and style. Investigating NIKE iD as one of the most prominent mass customisation services, the last step in the process, the embroidery of a word on the heel of each shoe, destroys the illusion of freedom of personal choice. This project showcases the censorship Nike applies to its customized products and offers a (temporary) way out. 


Although NIKE says no, you can do it anyway.