Our interiors are as much subject to image building as the outfits we wear. Every object is part of a story, revealing aspects of the person(s) inhabiting the space, showing and underlining their characters to a degree where one can read the interior and know something about the inhabitant without them being present.

Every object we buy and place in our living space is part of our identity. But in a world where almost every three-seater couch with a corner section comes in various shades of beige, is simply choosing one of them enough? Is every object designed to fit all, or are we simply trained to adapt ourselves to the objects and not the other way around? 

What are the limits of creative self-expression within a designed and predetermined product? And can mass customisation deliver on its promise? 

Preliminary Objects is an interior collection that asks the consumer to actively think about the impact he/she can have on the design by highlighting the choices that are to be made and providing tools to define the final look and shape of the products.