Rugs exist in a myriad of designs. Patterns, solid colours, block colours, even images can be digitally printed onto a rug. Bought for the appreciation of the material and aesthetics, depending on the quality and frequency of use a rug can last for some years or a lifetime. Over the course of time, rugs are worn down through repeated close contact with the human body. 

The structure of “The Rug” allows for a more rapid change, through the act of shaving, cutting, trimming or any other way imaginable that will make the carpet pile lower. The three colours and size of the rug are designed to the customer’s specifications. Depending on how deep you shave it, the various colours underneath the top-layer are revealed. In this way, you determine the way your carpet will look. The process of alteration can be spread over weeks; one decision at a time, or you can start shaving it and see the results instantly. Even mistakes can result in an unexpected yet appealing outcome.