The Tube

In terms of customisation within the field of furniture, the sectional couch is probably one of the most popular items. According to the size of the household it will be placed in, oriented on the number of people inhabiting the space or the size of the space itself, there is a variety of L-sections, 1 seaters, 2 seaters, 3 seaters and many more to be combined. As flexible as this system seems at first glance, the outcome is a very rigid, almost universal and mostly generic looking couch. 


The Tube allows the user to build their own seating element. Each section measures 10 meters in length and consists of a fabric tube filled with foam with connectors at each end. The act of connecting the ends is the final act of the creation of your object. This simultaneously allows for an indefinite amount of Tube elements to be connected together. The tubular structure allows for a multitude of applications, from twisting it into shape by knotting it randomly into itself, creating oversized knot creations inspired by fishermen’s knots, to using existing pieces of furniture or other items found in a home to serve as a base structure for The Tube

In this way, the formerly passive act of choosing a predetermined shape is replaced by the act of creation, giving way for the possibility of a more personal object, and simultaneously asks the user to consider his/her actions and the impact it will have on his/her home.